Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's a Movement!

It looks like I missed a lot of excitement last week! Luckily all kinds of people have been emailing me all these great tips. For instance at the MTA hearing last week, some people were handing out these great stickers. Fun.

AND, these fantastic cards that look like MetroCards that also subtly suggest selling 370 Jay Street. Double Fun!
(I didnt get to go to the hearing, but I had to get my hands on some of this great collateral - and I did).

AND, there was a press conference at the MTA hearing about 370 Jay Street. The Brooklyn Eagle covered it and I think the headline writer sums it up pretty well: Brooklyn Leaders Tell MTA: Sell Your Empty 370 Jay St. Bldg

All the superstars were there too. Marty, Councilmembers, Assemblymembers, State Senators. Triple Fun!!

AND, apparantly at the hearing some of the superstars told the MTA board directly to sell 370! " Markowitz asked the agency to consider a commuter tax, a carbon-emissions surcharge and selling the vacant MTA building at 370 Jay St." QUADRUPLE FUN!!! First time ever for quadruple fun. (By the way, I found that article all on my own. Like a journalist would.)

BUT, it can't be all fun and games here at MTA - Please Fix Jay. My soul crushing MTA thought of the day:
- If the building has been empty for five years and will be vacant for seven years to come (Thats crazy by the way) . . .
- And the building is completely gross and dirty and looks like a baby's diaper . . .
- And the MTA is $1.2 billion in debt . . .
- And they can sell this thing for $200 million or whatever these people say . . .
- And the politicos want the MTA to sell it . . .


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  1. Did I miss it? Where's the movement?